The year 2024 is an evolution in innovative kitchen remodeling trends, blending style with functionality. As the kitchen continues to be a focal point of gatherings in the home, discover how the latest trends are enhancing both its appeal and green-conscious efficiency. Cabinets, smart appliances, sink options, and lighting all play a part in the top trends for kitchen remodeling in 2024. Closing the door on last year’s picks and first in our top trends list are storage options.

Kitchen Remodeling Trend 1: Cabinets, Drawers, and Pantries

Today’s trends offer a return to wood cabinets with a focus on storage and utility, including an increased demand for walk-in pantries.

Natural Woods

Traditional woods are making a comeback in 2024. Oak and walnut are the current trends, offering a warm, luxurious, and organic feel to the kitchen space​. The white cabinets, popular in previous years, have been edged out in favor of a more natural look.

Storage Options

The modern kitchen of 2024 blends functionality and efficiency. Deeper storage spaces with built-in dividers provide the capacity and organization buyers are looking for. Walk-in pantries, floor-to-ceiling cabinets, and abundant drawers offer options to maximize the kitchen space. This trend not only adds a touch of elegance but also enhances the overall experience by creating a seamless workflow between kitchen areas with easy access to what you need, where you need it.

Kitchen Remodeling Trend 2: Smart and Quiet Appliances

Today’s smart kitchen remains a popular gathering place in the home. Technology frees you up to spend more time with those you love while your smart appliances work to keep your food fresh and your cooking perfect.

Smart Refrigerators

The realm of smart appliances is expanding, with smart refrigerators leading the charge. Equipped with advanced sensors, touchscreens, and voice recognition capabilities, these futuristic appliances can suggest recipes based on the available ingredients and help manage grocery lists through synchronized apps, taking kitchen convenience and efficiency to a new level​​.

Intelligent Cooking Ranges

Following closely are intelligent cooking ranges with features like precision temperature control and autonomous cooking capabilities. This blend of a classic range with cutting-edge technology simplifies the cooking process and elevates the experience with a level of precision and convenience one could only dream about​.

Eco-friendly Dishwashers

Sustainability and quietness are consumer demands driving choice even in the dishwasher category, with modern-day models being eco-friendly, silent, and smart. Featuring advanced water-saving technologies and improved filtration systems, these dishwashers contribute to a sustainable kitchen while delivering whisper-quiet, high-efficiency cleanliness​​.

Kitchen Remodeling Trend 3: Sinks and Islands

Sinks are a timeless kitchen staple in terms of their design and purpose. New trends add convenience and cleanliness to the kitchen space, while islands provide a more functional gathering place.

Integrated Sinks and Drainboards

The design of kitchen sinks is evolving to favor a seamless look and enhanced functionality. Integrated sinks and drainboards, crafted from the same material as the countertop, eliminate crevices, simplifying cleaning and maintenance​​.

Handsfree Faucets

Embracing the handsfree faucet trend is about the blend of hygiene and technology. With options like motion activation or elbow/arm tap models, these faucets are setting the new standard for kitchen sinks, making the daily chores more accessible and hygienic​.


Now more than ever, islands are becoming the focal point of kitchen designs, offering a space for gathering, food preparation, and additional storage. An island installation is the perfect way to turn dead space into a functional area.

Kitchen Remodeling Trend 4: Paint

Paint will always be critical to setting the right mood in any room of your home. Today’s colors are a departure from the bright whites of the past.

Dark, Rich, and Organic Color Palettes

The choice of paint is pivotal in setting the mood and tone of the kitchen. The trend is leaning toward dark, rich, and organic color palettes that offer a sense of warmth, depth, and sophistication. Moving away from the conventional white, these earthy tones and bold colors are signaling a shift towards a more dramatic yet elegant kitchen ambiance​.

Kitchen Remodeling Trend 5: Lighting

The kitchen is the perfect canvas to experiment with lighting. There have never been more lighting options, from subtle under and in-cabinet LED lighting, to recessed lights and task-specific pendant lights.

Layered & Statement Lighting Fixtures

Statement lighting fixtures provide both a functional and decorative aesthetic. These fixtures illuminate the kitchen and serve as area focal points, adding a touch of functionality, style, and elegance​. Layered lighting provides task illumination while also adding to the ambiance of the space. Today’s lighting is about maximizing the utility and charm of the kitchen space.

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